What we do


Industry-leading care homes designed by operators for operators.

Best-practice designs developed over 30 years in the care industry by a specialist in-house team.

Our efficient vertical integration ensures certainty of delivery ahead of any of our competitors and certainty of cost.

Great places to live


Our designs are created to meet the needs of residents, designed from the inside out to ensure the best environment for the delivery of quality care.

Innovative Design

We understand the needs of care residents and operators alike. We also know that efficiency is key to a sustainable and well-managed home.

Our care homes are premium products that lead the way for comfort, modern design, facilities and overall resident satisfaction.


Ensuring all residents, regardless of physical limitations, have access to everything they need.


Our homes are designed to be light, bright, airy, warm, quiet and comfortable.


Design that is homely and familiar, with carefully selected soft furnishings.


Ensuring provision of communal and social space, maximising interaction for residents.

Internal Space

Design that promotes physical activity and movement, and supports people to live well.

Private Space

Respecting the security, privacy, and dignity of the people who live in our homes.

Compliant Design

Meeting legislation, regulations & building standards for safety, infection prevention and waste control.

Outside Space

Safe, independent access to pleasant outdoor space and all amenities.

Sustainable & Efficient

High-Tech Solar

We design our homes with sustainability and a low-carbon footprint in mind. We incorporate the latest solar and battery technology for maximum energy efficiency.

Sustainable Development

Designed by Operators for Operators

LNT is the largest provider of carbon-zero, affordable and high-quality care homes in the UK.

“At LNT we build great places to live, work and visit. We build homes that are loved by residents, families and the people who care for them.”